Welcome to Raja567 Online Casino! By signing up or using our services, you signify that you have read and understand all of these Terms of Service. We encourage you to review the Terms carefully, especially in relation to any disclaimers or limits on liability as they pertain to your usage of this service. With your membership, you gain access to a wide range of features provided by us. In order to ensure protection for your rights and interests, we urge you to take the time to fully understand all of the contents of these Terms of Service. Thanks for choosing Raja567 Online Casino!

Comply with membership norms and legal regulations:

When utilizing the Raja567 online casino’s services, members are not only agreeing to comply with the Terms of Service but also implicitly accepting our Membership Norms (e.g., various game rules, match betting rules, announcements and precautions) as well as all applicable laws and regulations. Our products and customer services, software systems, network architecture and other business operations have been granted authorisation from the India government and are legally recognised in providing online entertainment. Therefore, when using this service, we ask that members abide by the permission of their local laws and regulations. We take no responsibility for any violations beyond the scope of our service.

Service introduction:

  • Introducing a revolutionary entertainment service platform that is “safe and reliable”, “instant convenience”, “fair and just” and “professionally operated”! Our company brings you an opportunity to partake in fair and equitable games, compete with users from all around the world, and experience new levels of fun. Our client-centric attitude drives us to strive for innovation and understanding of customer needs – we are proud of this business philosophy! We hope to popularize our brand-new value offering to benefit many parties, while becoming the leading source of amusement on the web.
  • Our company offers virtual currency banking services, giving you access to a cutting-edge cash flow payment platform. By purchasing points, you can benefit from a range of services that are specifically tailored to our platform. However, if we detect any attempts at ‘value storage’ using unethical methods, we reserve the right to terminate your membership and discontinue use of all associated services without prior warning.

Real login obligation:

You agree to provide accurate, truthful and complete personal information when registering for your account. Additionally, you must update any changes to your personal information in a timely manner so that it remains up-to-date, authentic and comprehensive. If you attempt to log in with false data or use another person’s name without their authorization, in order to unlawfully infringe upon the rights of others or break the law, then you will be held accountable for your actions. Furthermore, if the personal information you have provided is incorrect or has changed but has not been updated correctly, resulting in discrepancies between the original login details, then we reserve the right to terminate your membership status and revoke your access to our various services.

Suspension and modification of services:

  • Member login information is false.
  • Those under the age of 18.
  • Use the name of others to apply for this service.
  • Violation of the principle of fair game.
  • When participating in games or competitions, deliberately delve into system loopholes or use game weaknesses to affect the results.
  • The company has zero tolerance for any unfair betting methods, bilateral betting, risk-free betting and other risk-free unfreezing betting approaches. Should any player be found to be engaging in such practices, the firm reserves the right to suspend or even revoke their membership without notice. Moreover, should any disputes arise, the company will have absolute jurisdiction to determine the outcome. Furthermore, no liability shall fall on either members of third parties as a result of suspension or modification of service associated with the member account. Unavoidable misfortunes may occur but the organization is not held accountable.
  • Suspension and modification of services are a necessary measure taken by Raja567 in order to protect their players. Any group or individual found taking bonuses through unfair means, or engaging in any form of threat or abuse to company discounts, will result in their account being suspended or modified as per the discretion of the company. Such decisive action safeguards against fraudulent activities, ensuring that all promotions remain exclusively beneficial for those participating honestly and ethically.
  • Suspension and modification of services is an important part of ensuring the integrity of Raja567 online casino. If any members are found to be using multiple accounts, different accounts with the same IP, etc, then Raja567 reserves the right to freeze their account and take back any profits earned. Regrettably, the principal amount will not be returned, and the member’s account will be permanently frozen. Furthermore, Raja567 holds final interpretation regarding these situations and shall not be held liable for any associated troubles, inconveniences or damages that may arise from stopping or changing the service or terminating the service of a member account.
  • Raja567 strives to ensure that all its promotions are fair and equitable for players. However, should any discrepancies arise in the interpretation of these activities, the company reserves the right to unilaterally alter, suspend or revoke them without prior warning. By doing so, Raja567 ensures that all its customers can enjoy a consistent gaming experience with no surprises.
  • Suspension and modification of services are a necessary part of Raja567’s operations in order to ensure its users’ safety, security, and satisfaction. In the event that any player finds problems related to their account, this casino has the right to suspend usage or terminate the account entirely. Additionally, if these issues occur after verification of award qualifications, then such certifications will be cancelled. Ultimately, Raja567 reserves the ultimate decision regarding any disputes, and any service disruptions may lead to various inconveniences for members or third parties involved. Nonetheless, this is an unavoidable repercussion of ensuring customers receive quality customer service at all times.

Service Suspension or Interruption:

The company may suspend or interrupt all or part of the service under any of the following circumstances, and shall not be liable for any compensation to the user:

  • 5When relocating, replacing or maintaining system equipment related to this service.
  • The service is stopped or interrupted due to reasons not attributable to the company.
  • Service stop or interruption due to force majeure.

A cessation of services could potentially occur if the company migrates, replaces, or undertakes maintenance of its website’s relevant system equipment. Consequently, to keep users informed and abreast of any potential service suspension or interruption, the firm will dispatch an email alert or post an announcement on their site prior to any stoppage.

Suspending or interrupting this service could result in major disruption to your operations, potentially leading to data loss, monetary losses and/or a waste of valuable time. To ensure you’re not caught off-guard, it’s prudent to take precautionary steps to safeguard your interests.

Custody obligations:

Members have a responsibility to securely store their account numbers and passwords for this website, ensuring that unauthorized access does not occur. As such, members must take caution in never divulging or supplying these credentials to third parties, nor lending or transferring them to someone else. Failure to do so could lead to dire consequences resulting in loss of rights and interests on the part of the member.

Agree to the rules of the match and the game:

At Raja567 online casino, we understand that disputes can arise when members bet on sports and other games. To prevent this from happening, we have laid out a detailed set of rules in our betting system which every user is obligated to read before they begin using our services. By accessing Raja567, users are consenting to abide by these regulations and agree that all provisions outlined herein shall be deemed accepted upon use of the platform. RESPONSIBLE BETTING

Renewal and revision of membership specifications:

Revising and renewing the membership specifications is an ongoing process to ensure that our service continues to meet the highest standards. As a member, you are expected to accept any changes made to the terms of service as they become available. While we strive to keep all members informed on the latest updates through this website, we cannot guarantee individual notifications.

Privacy statement:

At this website, we take privacy seriously and are dedicated to protecting our customers’ data with the highest standards. We don’t sell or distribute any personal information that you provide us, but rather encrypt it using SSL128. technology and store it securely in a non-public operating system. Our partners who have access to your private details must abide by our strict confidentiality regulations for protection of your information. Rest assured, we’re committed to delivering the best experience possible while keeping your data safe and secure.


I acknowledge that online gambling is an activity whose legality may not have been fully clarified in certain regions or countries, and some regions or countries explicitly deem it to be illegal. Consequently, we do not intend to invite anyone to partake in any activities on this platform which might violate their local laws. Members of this service must observe the regulations imposed by their place of residence and assume all responsibility for any transgressions of these laws. All violations will be outside the bounds of our company’s accountability. DISCLAIMER

Unworthy registered members stop service

This casino takes the issue of fraud and money laundering seriously, so we’ve put measures in place to ensure that unworthy registered members don’t get away with it. If any fraudulent activity is detected, we reserve the right to immediately revoke service and terminate their membership without warning.

Recently, some of our registered members have committed frauds by misusing our company’s name and stored value system. This has caused serious damage to our reputation and tarnished our image. In order to prevent further occurrences, we hereby solemnly declare that for any such illegal acts, we will cooperate fully with the law enforcement agencies and provide them with detailed information regarding the suspects as well as their IP addresses. We urge everyone to be vigilant and not break the law in any ways. Privacy Policy

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