For most people, gambling is a recreational and recreational activity, however, for others, gambling has negative effects. We attach great importance to the tenet of “Small Gambling for Pleasure and Moderation”. We want our customers to be entertained when they bet, but we also want gambling to not affect their finances and lives.

Gambling questionnaire:

The company has been actively working hard to provide players with a high-quality gaming platform. The purpose of these problem settings is that we have set and upgraded a number of security facilities to ensure the fairness and justice of our games. Raja567 encourage customers to find out about their status on the hazards of gambling by answering our questionnaire:

If you’re wondering if you’ve become a problem person, answer the following questions to find out:

  1. Will you gamble because you avoid work and study?
  2. Do you gamble to escape a dull or unpleasant life?
  3. When you finish betting, do you feel that the money has been lost or you want to bet again as soon as possible?
  4. Do you gamble until you lose all your money?
  5. Have you deliberately concealed the time and money you spent in gambling?
  6. Has anyone criticized your gambling behavior?
  7. Have you lost interest in your family, friends or hobbies?
  8. After you lose, do you immediately want to win back the lost money?
  9. Are you unwilling to spend your betting money in other ways?
  10. If your bet is fully wagered, will you feel that you will win back your lost funds as soon as possible?

The more “yes” you answer to the above questions (Is there a standard? For example, 5 or more questions means you may be a pathological gambler, the more likely you are to encounter gambling problems and even become a problem gambler.

We recommend that you:

  1. Treat gambling as a kind of entertainment and leisure project.
  2. Avoid consecutive losses.
  3. Have your own understanding of gambling.
  4. Reasonably arrange your time and energy in gambling.

Age limit:

Our game rules do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to place bets or claim prizes from us. If you are under 18, please exit the site immediately.

Parental Controls:

For customers with minors at home, we encourage them to install child protection software to limit the access of minor family members to adult or gambling websites. In addition, we also ensure that our advertising and promotional activities do not target minors.

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